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Hi, I am Lynda and I write Zane’s Journey Project. This mission is to-help people understand the prevalence and causes of mental health problems in education. This undertaking, “Zane’s Journey Project” began in 2010. Nevertheless, prior to the evolution of this chapter in a perplexed continuum life story, I blogged for 2 years.  Hailed from the Caribbean , June 03, 1985 , I migrated to Toronto. June 04, 1985, I took up hairstyling studies at Marvel Beauty School  –  York-ville Ave, Toronto ON.  With excellent attendance and  remarkable work ethics, on February 10, 1986, graduation day,  2 months earlier than the prescribed graduation dated.  I was proud of my accomplishment. Consequently, I owned and operated a hairstylist business in the City of Toronto. ” My life would change forever,” on the  day I learned of  my pregnancy. During the pregnancy, there were high-risk complications, the gynecologist suggested abortion, but I could not. I felt a connection that I had never experienced before. I wanted this child.  Therefore, despite the risks involved, I kept him. Hence the story began. First to go was the business, thus setting a chain reaction in every aspects of my life. Everything spiralled.

During the pregnancy, I developed gestational diabetes  and in second trimester the placenta fell. It covered  the cervix. In addition, the baby rode the nerve in my back. The pain was excruciating, getting around to appointments etc., was very difficult.  The C-Section delivery saved both our lives. Three months after Zane’s birth, feelings betrayed, empty, lonely, and isolated –  depression, and anxiety became best girlfriends. Therefore, I took my son embarked upon the greyhound bus hoping for a new beginning in a smaller City. And then it dawned on me, here I was alone with a young child and not one single familiar, or rather friendly face that realization gave rise  to new beginning  – thus the  Journey had  begun but this time with a different twist.

It did not take long for me to realize that the undertaking was a mistake. After three exhausting months, with  marginal  finances to set up our new home, and to care for Zane, all hopes dashed. The urge to get out of the God forsaken City took its toll but then as if struck by lightning, I jolted. The fact is, I had been running – Running from life, friends, family and self. The City of London ON, it was cold, and equally impersonal. The people were not present, disenfranchised; I missed my past life so much that feelings of being isolated and trapped into obscurity consumed my existence. Nevertheless, I turned inwardly to summon the courage to pursue goals. Consequently, I enrolled in the local Community College; there, I worked hard to achieve the Canadian  Grade 12  Secondary School Diploma. The following year, acknowledging the strong desire to further studying. I enrolled – Fanshawe College Legal Clerk Program. There, for the first time I met an angel- wonderful friend and counsellor. She listened and encouraged me to rise above my challenges, and so with her help, I did – November 14, 2007, graduation day; was the happiest of my life. She attended the graduation ceremony.” An Angel walked with me”.

In the mean time, Zane began to display signs of delays and hypersensitivity. Concerned, I contacted the health department seeking information on child development milestones. The healthcare Practitioner suggested placements on the waiting list for speech and language assessments. Zane’s tests results proved that he was in fact, delayed developmentally. Therefore, he began speech, language, and occupational therapy at the Thames Valley Children’s Center. Consequently, his diagnostic mental health evaluation, returned, he was severely delayed, maladaptive and disruptive behaviour. Currently, Zane’s diagnosis and treatment hypersensitivity, with special needs (Autism Umbrella), 25mg Seroquel administered before bedtime helps the insomnia and regulates his body temperature. On the brighter side, his deportment is that of a happy child; however, when provoked he has the occasional violent outburst.

Ultimately, through early intervention, dedication, constant supervision, love, nuturing, diet modification, redirection, consequences for  bad behaviour and rewards for good behaviour, Zane has made significant global gains. His quality of life has improved tremendously. The challenges to ensure the recognition and dignity of my son have been endless; moreover, taxing physically, mentally, and financially. Hence, I play the role of teacher, therapist, and sole care provider. Looking back now, I can see that my son’s birth was the defining moment in my life. After having navigated the steep learning curve mostly on my own, spend countless hours researching information along the way, and seeing what works through trial and error, I have finally fine-tuned a simple yet effective process that really works. The trick is to figure out your own unique qualities that will have acquired great strength and courage being good parent, teacher, mentor, friend, advocate, and last but not least, to be  the best parent possible. Deal with each trial by taking it one single step  one day at a time, and so doing epitomized this duty, a mother of a child who has special needs. The very reason for writing this blog – I want to share my research, my thoughts, my experiences and ideas with you, especially single parents. This is the medium where I can share my thoughts, and hope it reaches you. Let us talk!

Lynda Robinson

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Your comments and feedback are welcome.


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Lynda,
    Wow. Your journey is amazing. Zane is a lucky kid to have you as his advocate, an informed advocate too.

  2. Thank you for the kind words! I have heard this sentiment expressed repeatedly AND STILL, each time I hear them, they warm my heart. wishing you a pleasant day.

  3. Special thanks for including my posting and vid on your super blog over here… Looks like you’re relatively new, but write so well and so clearly… anything I can do to help you out just let me know – I appreciate the opportunity to work together!

Thanks !

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