Autism Awareness Month, Canada – October 2011


Did you know that people with autism usually have difficulty understanding language and social behaviour?

Autism is found through the world in families of all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and it is the 3rd most common developmental disorder– more common than down syndrome or cystic fibrosis. Autism, a life long disability… Please support autism. Together we can solve the puzzle.
Canada Autism Awareness Month October 2011

1 in 150 children born everyday is diagnosed with autism and it is  4  times more common in boys than girls 

1.6 million age children have been diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD and autism links – inattentiveness, distractability and impulsivity–three areas recognized on both the autism and ADHD checklist of behaviors. Dr. Don Cohen and Fred Volmar – Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

Aspergers a puzzle of a life time!

Animated Autism Puzzle Pictures, Images and Photos



Major brain structures implicated in autism.

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4 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Month, Canada – October 2011

  1. How to deal with ignorant police who do not understand what severely autistic means.
    Sensory seeking behaviors, attention seeking , non verbal means he doesn’t understand and they can anger him. “Seems perfectly normal to me is this”Bob” . He is playing so nicely in sand” I tried to explain was extremely stressed and finds the sifting and deepressure very calming. How hetic dinner can be trying to get him to sit and eat. The fact he doesn’t like clothes but will wrap in blankets and rugs, No end to banging hoarding and spinning of objects. Peed beside cop. Tried to bit him. Spin displayed at local police station so I was repeatedly told to control him. Due to fact he felt the tension of the officer I didn’t like and either does he.

  2. I can relate. I been through it all. My son still exhibit some of the traits you have mentioned. Please be strong and continue to be his best advocate…Look around on the site, I am sure you will find helpful information here.

Thanks !

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