Classroom Behaviour Management Tips

Proud Mother of An ADHD Boy

Zane talks excessively, once he pops his eyes open each morning until he goes to bed each night he talks. He never seems to shut up -J) He talks to everyone in our community and the conversations are always the same. –  His fixation, trees, roots and branches. I am truly concern. How will he ever learn to settle down in school? I know he needs counselling but the system is deficient. It is failing my son. I feel helpless.

During a search, I found these tips so I thought I would share them with you.

Helping Compulsive talkers
  1. Starting class will be tough.
  2. Everyone is distracted and others join in.
  3. If you take too long to address it, students will see it as unfair. Play video

What Do You Do?

  1. Identify Why They Are Talking- Attention, Peer Status, Sense of Achievement, Aggression?
  2. Talk Privately With Students Right Away
  3. Contact Parents/Guardians
  4. React Consistently
  5. Give Students Small Helper Tasks
  6. Position Student Closer To You (Teacher)
  7. Reinforce Positive Behavior
  8. Find Time to listen to the student. Build a solid Teacher-Student relationship

Thanks !

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