Our Mission

Who are we?

Our governing policy is “Every Child Matters.” In addition, we are servers of humanity who are trying to affect change where and when thew opportunity is presents.


Zane’s Journey Project committed to providing information aimed at promoting positive parenting for kids with mental health /special needs. The mission is to engage parents to learn grow and strengthen the special needs child through advocacy and loving support. Parents, who nurture, educate, advocate and stimulate children interests  help the child through positive reinforcement  to develop character.

Each child’s has the potential to develop self – confidence.  Encourage the child to control  impulse to behave badly.

These qualities are vital for special needs children. Moreover when a special needs child feels love he/she is more incline to try to  achieve maximum success in daily living and self – care. In spite of short comings, it is possible for a special needs child to  reach his/her full potentials.

This forum is a social initiative developed to promote discussion, to raise awareness of domestic and global mental health issues among students in elementary & high school.


“The path forward in this new century requires innovation, requires the willingness to challenge assumption, and requires the courage to change.” As we move forward in the 21st, century – Legislators should overhaul our education system and then invest in proven practices that can improve results from students today and increase resources for teachers.

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