Helping Children with ADD get to Sleep

Research has shove that Children with ADD/ADHD sometimes have a hard time falling asleep. They may toss and turn or they may just not be able to calm down their thoughts long enough for sleep to come. The following are some tips to help your child fall asleep quicker.


  1. Trying to  get your ADHD /ADD child to sleep may be very tiring but parents should try to maintain  your bedtime routine as much as possible. I have found that setting a specific bedtime and keeping with the bedtime routine beneficial, even if my son lie in his bed and I read to him.
  2. Quite activates such as writing or computer online entertainment kids’ activity serves as a buffer to lower hyperactivity.
  3. Warm baths with sea salts or lavender oils add ed to the bath soothes and  calms him down. Use lavender in your child’s room. The scent of lavender is very calming.
  4. Children with ADHD often find “white noise” to be calming. You can create white
    noise by putting a radio on static, relaxation tapes or running an electric fan will help the child to fall asleep.
  5. Avoid drinks containing caffeine; instead, increase the child’s intake of foods with complex carbohydrates and natural sugars that give you that extra help. Research has shown, foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates may increase the amount of serotonin in your brain. Increase serotonin leads to calming effect. Foods like apricots, bananas, legumes, brown rice, oatmeal, honey, natural cherry juice or cherries, all help serotonin production.
  6. Finally, spend ten – 15 minutes cuddling with your child. This will build a sense of
    love and security as well as provide a time to calm down. At first, did not like receiving hugs; now he loves them.
  7. Room colour can influence mood  so  for your ADHD/ ADD child Chose mood altering colors to paint your child’s for example:. Muted greens, blues, and purples, and neutrals like tan and gray, all seem conducive to a sleeping environment ‘Green, violet, and blue all get a thumbs up for relaxation and calm from, as well. Color professor J.L. Morton agrees that green is restful to the eye and says that this color also promotes healing. I found this to be my experience. Painting Zane’s room soft pastel green, he sleeps.

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