Incident Report

School Principle

Incident Report 

DATED OF ORIGINAL POST – 2011-FEB-10 yesterday at 11:30 I received a call for Zane’s teacher. She explained Zane’s morning was OK.  slightly agitated but the morning went well until she led the class in the Library. Zane proceeded to run down the hall. All attempts to stop him failed. Finally, the facilitator’s option was to restrain him. Zane dislikes touch so of course he struggled to set himself free. In the process of trying to release himself, he kicked and slapped. Under no circumstance do I condone this behavior but I forewarned the Learning Support Teacher to expect some agitation because he had not slept very well the previous night.

That morning I forgot to  administer his medication. We both were up through the night. In spite of being anxious and exhausted, Zane wanted to attend school. He made me proud because he did not take the easy way out. However, this undertaking went unrewarded. Zane returned home in tears, I tried talking to him but he was so angry and humiliated that he ran away. Later he returned in tears, he said “mummy they held me and I tried to free myself but I could not.  I felt trapped and wanted free myself. Instead, I was put to the ground with my feet in the air. I struggled to get away but Teacher and The E.A. continued to force me back to the ground. They both grabbed onto both my feet.

Zane’s Communication Book: Reports → He complained of a stomach ached that morning, therefore he did not feel well. Please note:  January 2011, Zane reported a similar incident at which time I communicated my finding to the School Principle. She denied this incident occurred. I am concerned because I do not want my son to be demoralized, railroaded off his dreams. Clink on the link for legislation the deals with physical restrain.

RE: Incident Report

As Requested, the school’s principal and the teacher’s name has been  removed  from this Incident Report. The principal  seemed to imply that  these incidents did not occur. Initially,  I ignored Zane’s complain. I thought he been re-enacting karate lessons for the previous day. However, on three separate occasions he  demonstrated the same actions, and reiterated the same words, so I am inclined to believe my son. In addition, I do not believe the  has the capacity to tell lies.

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