Behavior Progress Report

Community Behavior Consultant (CPRI Behavior Consultant), met with Zane and me on February 8, 2011 to sign consent for the service to complete an assessment on what would be required for Zane.  February 14, 15 and 18 he completed three 1 hours in home visits.  His final analysis of the 100 events recorded 50 were hypothesized as attention – seeking, 40 were sensory, 10 escape and 0 for tangible reinforcement.  He also reports that Zane observers a lot from his visual and auditory intake of his sensory appreciation of the environment around him to the point that he takes everything in. In a structured physical setting, he may have difficulties if all the plumbing and building noises were to offer him the same level of stimulation as the environment.

June 02, 2011-06-11, Behavior Consultant follow – up:  Recommendations which would benefit Zane was made and will be addressed by the  CSCN Committee. What’s next? P. Assessment, O.T. assessment, Speech and language assessment and complete developmental assessment will be conducted prior to CSCN Committee Meet.

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