IPRC Meeting

Thursday June 16, 2011, I informed  school principal that  Zane shall remain at home for the duration of this school term. This decision is based on the premise that  facilitator do not  follow specialists suggestions and recommendations. In addition, I  revisited Zane’s classroom  teacher’s  frustration at the IPRC Review meeting; and  extensive review of all medical reports submitted to to the Principal and lastly, consultation with Zane’s Tutor.

A wonderful young woman  hired to aid Zane’s development. Zane’s tutor hired and paid from out of pocket expenses JUNE 02, 2011.  I am proud to report that this undertaking is rewarding. The tutor and my son hit it off almost instantaneously. She will facilitate Zane’s education for the duration of this school year which ends June 29, 2011.

What is an IPRC Meeting

A quote I like:

Your Edison-trait child has an inventory of positive qualities:

· Openness to multiple sights, sounds, and thoughts

· A daring or wandering imagination

· A global perspective

· Creative urges or compelling attraction for new ideas

· Intense focus on his own pursuits and interests  “These are attributes of his outstanding gift for divergent thinking… It is the teacher’s job to train your child to use convergent thinking skills. So they tend to overlook his divergent thinking strengths, and see only his weakness in convergent thinking.” – Lucy Jo Palladino, Ph.D., “The Edison Trait – Saving the Spirit of Your Nonconforming Child.”

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