School Placement Offer

Yesterday , Monday 17, 2011, the Learning Coordinator called with great news. She informed me that placement for Zane is available in the Community Home School Developmental Program. Prior to acceptance, a school visit will be scheduled. Hopefully this undertaking will take place within the next 2 days. I look forward to the visit.

To be continued.

School visit schedule October 20, 2011 @ 10:45 am

RE: School Placement Visit

Wow! It is A Zoo

School amalgamation creates a jungle environment the numbers are above beyond capacity

School capacity  324 – currently 600 and counting.

Grades Available: JK-8

Full-day kindergarten available as of: Sept. 2011.

2011/20/10, I  witnessed one JK class  receive their education in the school’s gymnasium. The developmental classroom buzzed. The staff and students transported back and forth from classroom to the hallways. This is beyond exaggeration. I was in awe.

Visible are the various distractions, for example: classroom construction, students arriving from every direction of the building, and excessive chatter that seemed out of control. Yet, in spite of these distraction, the school is reputable. It is highly recommended by parents likewise professionals. The Zoo like appearance dissuaded me from accepting this placement.

I shared my opinion with the learning coordinator and she agrees with my decision, citing knew this placement would benefit my son at this time, she added the option can be explored later. However, her goal or intent was to offer me options so my decision would be informed.

Thanks J. M.

Immediate Plan

All the team players will sit down at the table to share information and exchange ideas for a smoother transition to the classroom. The behaviour therapist suggests classroom visit for observation and then he will know the triggers, and then he will offer his expertise – Sort of like the “Super Nanny show”. Sounds like an awesome plan.

Lesson learned – it is import to know your child above all know his/her strengths, weaknesses ; know your child/children’s  limitations for you are your child’s / children’s best advocate . The government gives you, the Supreme Care Provider the right to decide and to make the final decision for your child or children. Always remain  strong in your conviction . Lastly, always let your child accompany you to  school visits – her/her  verbal or non-verbal input should be valued and respected. A child’s or children’s  feelings should always be validated.

Love to hear your ideas, comments and, or suggestions

To be continued

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