Ontario Supports, Ban School Fundrasing

Posted by Zane’s Project

“The report, in part using data obtained by the Star through freedom of information requests, says that the top 20 wealthiest public elementary schools in Toronto brought in almost $250,000 each over three years, and the neediest 20 schools less than $7,000 each. “

Their report also found that, mostly through fees, the top 20 high schools brought in a whopping 920 times more money than the bottom 20 — $33,653 compared to $36.56.

“If you’re a parent, your kids are constantly bringing home notes (from school) that say we have pizza lunch, we’re selling magazines, and now we’re going on a field trip,” says Nadia Heyd, who has three children. “It felt like so much money was being asked for.” Heyd joined the parent council at her children’s French immersion school, in part, to track the money.”

Do you believe inequality exists in Ontario’s school fundraising program?

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