Cheryl Flamand – My Day

I am in my room and another day done.

He has fallen asleep and I hope he does not have another one.

One of those dreams that makes him stir in the night,

one that wakes him again. He is full of anxiety and fright.

Someone is going to steal me he says, or is going to get me in the night

We work hard to make him feel right.

Tuck him in bed; his bears are all there,

the relaxation tape is on and he is still really scared.

Running around, yelling, and screaming, he doesn’t get his way,

so good night for the evening. Why does it have to be this way?

He is hyper and doesn’t know just what to do,

his brain won’t calm down like we want it to do.

Likes to fight and scream, just one more show,

I don’t like to go to bed, it is scary you know.

They are all having fun, he wants to play too,

and he doesn’t know when to stop when they want him to.

It takes him longer; he cannot stop right away,

and he thinks it’s not fair when he still wants to play.

They think he’s annoying, inappropriate too,

but I watch and he sees, they do it too.

He’s weird, not normal, what did he say,

he’s rude, mean and nasty, and will fight any day.

He is impulsive you know and hyperactive as well,

cannot control his actions at the ring of a bell.

He gets kicked out of class and suspended as well,

the play ground is hard, and all the kids tell.

I see your reaction when he is not acting right.

He is my right hand man and we are really tight.

He is hard to control, always a fight,

but when he is in my arms everything is right.

He loves us so much, just wants to fit in,

and really wants to control the demons within.

He tells me all the time he doesn’t want to exist,

we cry and I hold him, he doesn’t want to be like this

He is funny, creative, unique, and quite the show;

he acts and sings to Camp Rock, the show.

Enjoys swimming, biking, and roller blades too,

jumps on his trampoline as normal kids do.

He has personality galore, not a shy kid,

very loving and happy, and smart as a whip.

When you see this boy not acting quite right,

it is not because he doesn’t want to he just has to fight.

Fight the disorder, the thing in his brain,

Something we cannot control but we work hard all the same.

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One thought on “Cheryl Flamand – My Day

  1. Jeanie McBain

    I enjoyed reading your poem. thank you sharing an insight into your day and allowing us to take a peek at what it must be like dealing with ADHD, I have a niece with this condition and I can appreciate your words and their meaning, this was well written, I am glad I came by.

Thanks !

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